THINK BAG Workshop: Air Collection

The workshop days with the partners of the THINK BAG project, by Leather & Luxury and Loipell, continue to give the opportunity to the students of Polimoda to create the iconic bag for their brand. Companies will provide young designers and fashion managers, materials, skills and techniques to support them in the implementation of their project. Désirée Calamai, Sales Manager at the Air Collection Embroidery Factory, presents her company and explains what drove her to participate in THINK BAG and what contribution they intend to make to the students.



What does the company do? 

Air Collection is an embroidery factory that focuses its production on footwear, bags, accessories and clothing. We mainly focus on high fashion and collaborate with numerous brands in the luxury sector. In addition to the "classic" embroidery we specialize in the application of ribbons, fettucce and sequins.


Why did you decide to participate in the THINK BAG project?

THINK BAG is an extremely interesting project for future designers. Polimoda has always been one of the centres of excellence in supporting the creative minds of young designers. Other than being a reference point for Made in Italy, it is also a creativity hub that anticipates the future shapes and aesthetics. As a company, we are very excited by the confrontation with this reality, and we are proud to support the growth of young designers by introducing them to our graphic studio. We will follow the entire development of the students' products, from the paper model and the artwork, to the final product.


What kind of materials will you make available to the students?

We will provide the students with a range of materials and experiences, aiming at  helping them in the creation of an original project: from graphic development to the search for the most suitable colors and yarns, as well as the most useful techniques to enhance their idea. The goal is to help them make a finished sample and send it to the assembly stage.




Often you think of embroidery as a "minor" workmanship, yet it is a technique that adds a huge value to the products...

Unfortunately it is true: embroidery is considered almost a niche product. We like the idea of bringing students closer to an art as noble as not too popular. We would like to spread the awareness that embroidery is one of the strengths of Made in Italy, and that it requires competence, creativity and passion, just like in any other creative work!