Our production department have a wide range of industrial tools and machinery: industrial embroidery machinery, laser cut machinery, special techniques embroidery machinery and thermo-adhesive press. Thanks to this wide assortment we are able to provide a large choice of techniques. In addition to classic embroidery and quilting, we can supply engravings and laser cut, cross stitching, hand-made embroidery effect, patchwork and embroidered patch items, as well as sequins and ribbons application.


Our production department's main strength is our staff, a melting pot of well experienced workers whom are training new younger generation, creating a well structured and functional hierarchy.


Machine embroidery reproduce the ancient and artisan hand made embroidery in an industrial-scale. With the advanced technical improvement it is easy to create any kind of embroidery for a wide range of demand. We can divide embroidery in several types, each one with a own identity. Suitable for leather, many kind of fabric and can be developed for leather goods and garments, bags and shoes.


Are all embroidery techniques which can be relized only with particular technical elements supported by some specific machinery only. They can be made on leather and fabrics, for leather goods, bags and shoe.


We have both plotter laser and laser-cut bridge on one of our special machinery. It is possible to relize a wide variety of techniques, the 2 most famous are the engraving and the cut out.